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Introduction to the Belt and Road International Think Tank
一带一路国际智库(The Belt and Road lnternational Think Tank) 由包括“一带一路”成员在内的各国驻华使节、国际组织官员、政府官员、专家学者、企业家、投资家、社会名流和国内外媒体记者组成。
The Belt and Road International Think Tank (hereafter the Think Tank)consists of foreign diplomats from worldwide including all member countries of B&R(short for the Belt and Road Initiative), international organization officers, government officials, experts & scholars, entrepreneurs, investors, eminent public figures and journalists both from home and abroad .
Being committed to promoting interconnection, converging intelligence and benefiting the society, the Think Tank offers solutions and strategies to the B&R member countries for further development, aims at achieving win-win co-operations among the countries all along the B&R, and thus to benefit the people in the region and ultimately benefit the world.
The Think Tank will provide helpful information for all participants, and regularly initiates all kinds of forums, business talks, public welfare and charity events, in an effort to push the economic cooperation and promote the culture exchange, and finally to make intellectual contribution to the flourishing development of B&R region. 

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